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Agates from Sudetes - Poland and Czech
On this web page you can see some speciments from my agates colletion from different locations in Sudetes (Mountain range in Central Europe – area Poland and Czech). This collection is accumulate many years, and systematically complete.

Alan Guisewite's Mineral Collection Images: Introductory Page
I've been collecting since I was a kid and I'm finally starting to specialize (a little). Garnets will probably always be at the top of my list. I'm also interested in the oxides (spinels, rutile, etc.), sphalerites of good color, metal ores ...

Anamika Rock and Mineral Gallery
I'm Bhairawnath T. Wakale from India. Collecting rock & minerals is my hobby. I have collected last 6/7 yrs. in my collection mainley Indian zeolites: Apophyllite, Gyrolite, Mordenite, Heulandite, Natrolite, Scolecite, Stilbite,Okenite,Calcite,Celedonite.

Artic Rock and minerals collection
Født i Danmark, men bosatt i Norge i 29 år er akkurart passer de 50, har en samboer som også er lidenskabelig intersert i samling av mineraler, ingen barn, men en papegøye

Australian Mineral Hobbyist Site
Hi, my name is Gerard Manners and I reside in Broken Hill, Australia. I like the concept of "virtual" rockhounding and have designed these pages for like minded enthusiasts and lovers of minerals and crystals.

Berthold's Mineralien-Seite(n)
Seit meiner Jugend bin ich begeisteter Mineraliensammler. Leider sind die Fundmöglichkeiten bei uns in der Oberpfalz nicht mehr so toll wie früher. Einerseits ist der Bergbau fast vollständig eingestellt, andererseits sind die wenigen Fundstellen...

Billy Bob Tompkins' Homepage for NW Minerals
Welcome Rockheads! I live in a suburb of Portland, Oregon and enjoy field collecting crystallized minerals from all over the Pacific Northwest. In this area, we find lots of zeolites and their associates. But also some quartz, pyrite, calcite ...

Cavnic Minerals
Welcome to Cavnic Minerals, a collection of top class minerals from Cavnic, Herja in Romania, from Valzergues in France, from Navajun in Spain and from other localities around the globe.

China minerals collecting by chenminerals.com
China Crystal minerals & Fluorescent Minerals collecting.

Claus Hedegaard
Descriptions of worldwide mineral and fossil localities of interest to collectors. I collect minerals and books on minerals and fossils, and list my wants and duplicates.

Colección de minerales de Lorenzo M y Elda
Fotos de la Colección de minerales de Lorenzo M y Elda. En esta página se muestran algunas fotos de minerales de nuestra colección, algunas son piezas muy buenas: Milleritas de Bellmunt, Yesos de Zaragoza y Fluoritas de Papiol

Hola, soy un coleccionista de Minerales y Fósiles. Espero que te guste mi página. En este sitio encontrarás algunos de los especimenes de mi colección, asi como otras informaciones sobre Minerales y Fósiles de Argentina.

Colección minerales de José Augustín Vacas
Página personal de con fotos de gran calidad. Ejemplares para intercambiar.

Colección Minerales Vilalta
Colección de minerales de Jaime Vilalta.

Cyberwell: Rocks & Minerals
I find geology intriguing, and began collecting specimens of rocks & minerals in the late 1980s. I've bought specimens too, but mainly enjoy field collecting, spending relaxing time in the outdoors. Not that it's always easy...

David JEGOU Mineral Collection
David Jegou Mineral Collection, Mineral Specimens Currently Available for Exchange, photo galleries, Rockin'Stories True stories by David JEGOU ...

Die Homepage des HMF Heilbronn von R.Wachno
Willkommen bei www.rwachno.de und den Heilbronner Mineralien und Fossilienfreunden

Dutch agates and other agates from around the world.
Agates from the Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, Morocco, Canada and the Czech Rep. Also several thundereggs from Germany, France and the USA and German sagenetic-agates.

El Mineral Digital
El Mineral Digital es un espacio independiente donde se va a dar cabida al mundo de la mineralogía, al de la minería y al medio ambiente. Se actualizará con contenidos, textos, trabajos y noticias relacionados con los temas principales.

Fòssils de Catalunya
Volem construir un Museu Virtual de Fòssils, amb les contribucions de tots vosaltres. Fósiles de Cataluña. Fossils from Catalonia.

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