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Bob's Rock Shop: Software for Rockhounds
Software for Rockhounds : The Photo-Atlas of Minerals CD, Mineral Database and Identification Software, Freeware Screen Savers for Rockhounds!, Freeware GemStone Design Software for Faceters! Freeware Specimen Labeling Software for Rock Collectors!

The database are in Norwegian only. The latest version of the database contains information on approx. 12.000 Norwegian mineral localities.

Geosoft´s Target
Geosoft´s Target is essential geology software that simplifies the processing and visualization of subsurface drillhole and borehole data.

Mineral Collectors Page: Mineralogy Club of Antwerp, Belgium
Welcome to the Mineral Collectors Page! This is the home-page of the Mineralogy Club of Antwerp, Belgium. We bring information relevant to mineral collectors, with lots of links to other mineralogy or earth science related sites.

Mineral Webzine: CD-ROM Software
You can also present your softwares for free in mineral Webzine !! Take contact with me. Note : Mineral Webzine do not sell CD-Rom, just contact the authors if you're interested.

Mineralogy Database
Mineral data on individual species are linked to the following mineral table by crystallography, X-Ray powder diffraction, chemical composition, physical and optical properties, Dana's New classification, Strunz classification,...

RockWare Inc.
RockWare, (Golden, Colorado) Geology software for the mining, petroleum, environmental and GIS industry. Earth science software for all geologic disciplines: hydrogeology,hydrology,groundwater,geochemistry,geophysics, geotechnical ...

The Logic Group - Planimeter & Volumetric Software for the oil industry
Petroleum Software: The programs are extremely easy to use and run under Windows but they are DOS based programs. We have developed three programs OEA for Old Electric Logs, SSA for Shaly Sand Reservoirs, and CBA for Carbonate Reservoirs.

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