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Alberta Geological Survey
Provides geoscience information and expertise on mineral resources in Alberta, such as diamonds, kimberlites, aggregate and mineral core.

Ayoreita Mining Company
Esta web te introduce en la mina Ayoreita situada en el corazón de Sudamérica, en la parte oriental de la Amazonia boliviana a 14 Kilómetros de la frontera brasileña. El núcleo de población mas próximo es Rincón del Tigre a 55 Kilómetros.

O portal da mineração brasileira.

Careers in the Mining Industry
In 2001, the mining and mineral processing industry employed 376 000 Canadians. Of those, 46 000 were involved in mining, 54 000 in smelting and refining, and nearly 276 000 in the manufacture of mineral and metal products

Coromoto Minerals In Maine
A site devoted to sharing the minerals and mining experiences at Mount Mica and Orchard Pit, Oxford County, Maine.

DEXPAN Non-Explosive Demolition Agent for Concrete Cutting
- Non-Explosive Demolition Agent For Controlled Demolition, Building Remodeling, Reinforced Concrete Cutting, Rock Breaking, Granite and Marble Quarrying, Mining, Excavating… Introduction Video

Geoconsultores Técnicos y Ambientales, S.L.
Es una empresa independiente de consultoría cuyos campos de actuación son la cartografía, prospección minera, ingeniería geológica, hidrogeología, riesgos geológicos, geología ambiental y estudios relacionados con la planificación del territorio ...

Geolisting: mining properties & mining business directory
Mining properties and business card listing. The GEOLISTING site is plain, simple and fast. Detailed summaries of mining properties are posted for free. Individually customized business cards with company logos are posted for a nominal fee.

InfoMine is run by mining people. We KNOW the mining industry. We are run by geologists and engineers with experience in the industry. We know how to present YOUR mining company or product most effectively to the worldwide market.

INTERPROP Asesorías profesionales
Atención a nuestros clientes o a toda aquella persona natural o jurídica que tiene una problemática legal o técnica referente a la propiedad rural, urbana o minera, especialmente en lo relativo a subdivisiones, particiones, herencias...

Iran Minerals Company
You are welcome to the Iranian Mineral world. Find Gilsonites Dolomite, Bentonite, Feldspar, Kaolin, Silica, Silica Sand and many more mineral factories, quarries, shipping lines make your mineral order inspected in Iran.

Keene Engineering
Keene Engineering, manufacturer of mining, prospecting, diving equipment and more!

MineNet: The Ultimate Gateway to World Wide Mining Information.
MineNet is being reorganized to provide easier updates and process new links. We are committed to proivding easy access (minimal graphics) and to focus on contact between individuals while retaining links for organizations.

Minerals and Metals: A World to Discover
The following pages have been created to allow for an educational tour of some of Canada's most important natural resources: minerals and metals.

Minerals Engineering International Online
The Largest Online Source of Information for Mineral Processors and Extractive Metallurgists.

El sitio de la mineria en Sudamérica. Encuentras soluciones para la actividad minera. Instituciones, insumos, noticias del sector, legislación, seguridad, medio ambiente, equipos, maquinarias y más servicios útiles.

Minería Boliviana e Internacional
Blog sobre Geología, Minería, Metalurgia y tecnología.

mineria.com Minería en América Latina
Directorio de Empresas Mineras de América Latina. Directory of Mining Companies of Latin America.

Miniere di Sardegna
I Minierabondi sono un gruppo informale di persone legate dalla passione per le escursioni, l'ambiente, le miniere e Internet. Prediligono le vecchie miniere abbandonate, nascoste, silenziose: le scovano e le sbattono in rete.

Mining History Research & Exploration
My focus is Wales, more specifically metal mining in South Wales,... As time allows I'll be placing some specific details relating to certain mines in addition to hosting the Welsh Mines Society home page.

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