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AfricaGems offers a huge selection of stunning loose gemstones and gemstone jewelry accompanied by a wealth of gemological information. The site also has an interesting blog and a gem safari mining section with videos of mining in the African bush.

Afrigemtec -South african gems and minerals
South african agates, gemstones, mineral specimens, quartz, lapidary and cut stones.

Coromoto Minerals In Maine
A site devoted to sharing the minerals and mining experiences at Mount Mica and Orchard Pit, Oxford County, Maine.

The site to guide you to the minerals and mineral localities of Tasmania, mainland Australia, and New Zealand.

Dead bug in Amber club
Visit THE AMBER BAZAAR to satisfy your desire for amber: See the bizarre and eerie trapped in their golden tomb,Flash forward to see a list of Dominican amber for sale, New Jersey amber insects for sale,List of Dinosaur aged amber from Myanmar (Burma)

Diamond Database
Online diamond size comparison tool where you can compare actual diamond sizes and view them on a ring and finger of desired dimensions. Also provides face-up size evaluation, buying guidelines, and more.

El Mineral Digital
El Mineral Digital es un espacio independiente donde se va a dar cabida al mundo de la mineralogía, al de la minería y al medio ambiente. Se actualizará con contenidos, textos, trabajos y noticias relacionados con los temas principales.

Blog de ciencia y tecnología. Con entradas interesantes cómo COLTAN, EL ORO GRIS.

Fire Agate Information, Gemstones & Lapidary Rough Shopping Site
Providing quality fire agate gemstones, lapidary carving gem rough, mineral specimens, cabochons and jewelry for the retail and wholesale markets. Online information, shopping, and resource guides for fire agates.

Caraterístiques generals: El nom: del llatí fluere, fluir. De vegades quant s'il.lumina amb raig ultraviolat emet una llum visible característica. Jaciments: El Bruc, Porrera, Sant Cugat del Vallès, al Papiol ...

Forum de géologie, minéraux et fossiles
The forum of Geology at www.geoforum.fr. Geoforum is a space devoted to discussions of Earth Sciences, the Geological Heritage in the community life around the geology or geological events. Reference site in its field in France ;-).

Friends of Mineralogy
We are collectors, professionals, and curators who share a love of mineral specimens and the desire to promote understanding and appreciation of mineralogy.

Gemmes de la peninsula iberica
Web que descriu les gemmes de la peninsula iberica i l´exposició al Museu de Geologia de Barcelona en catala, castella, i angles. Descriu alguns dels materials gemmologics de Espanya i Portugal, així com jaciments de tota la peninsula.

GEMMOLOGIE, Minéralogie, paléontologie :: WWW.GEMINTEREST.COM
gemmologues et gemmologie, découvrez, étudiez, parlez.... de gemmes

Gemstones of Jewelry
Cynthia Khan’s Information about Gemstones & Rock Minerals in Jewelry

Granat, Smaragd und andere Alpine Mineralien
Herzlich willkommen auf der Granat - Homepage von Christian Hausen. Diese Homepage soll in erster Linie über die berühmte Granatfundstelle im Ötztal informieren, andererseits mich und meine Sammlertätigkeit vorstellen...

Hillman Hall of Minerals & Gems, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh
"Minerals should be enjoyed for their sheer beauty as well as their educational value." Masterpiece Gallery, Pseudomorphs, Pennsylvania Minerals, Minerals of the former USSR, Gemstones, Systematic Collection ...

Jade Hunt is a website all about the stone of heaven. Learn about jade colors, nephrite, jadeite and different types of the popular stone.

Le Stage Minerals
We are one of the greatest extractor of Agates and the greatest one of Amethysts in Uruguay. We extract at the moment about 40% of the stone production of amethysts in Artigas and are also extractors of agates.

Metal Detecting for Placer Gold & Meteorites in the Western Cordilleran.
Welcome to my web site, this site will continue to grow in the future. My nugget, meteorite and gold prospecting experiences go from as far North to Alaska, down to the lower Southwestern deserts of Nevada, California, Arizona & the Mexican border.

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