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DataVillage Rock Collector  Software
DataVillage Rock Collector Software

Rock Collector is a full-featured database system that tracks your rocks, minerals, gemstones and other similar items. Sample fields include origin, class, grouping, luster, crystal system, cleavage, fracture, geologic time, hardness, weight...

Diamond Database
Diamond Database

Online diamond size comparison tool where you can compare actual diamond sizes and view them on a ring and finger of desired dimensions. Also provides face-up size evaluation, buying guidelines, and more.


Four mineral books in one volume - A MINERAL PROSPECTOR'S PRIMER: ROCKPECKERĀ®, GOLDPECKER, MINERAL RECOGNITIONS, CHEMICAL TESTING. RockpeckerĀ® DOS Professional Prospector's DOS Mineral Identification runs on XT to 486, 95 & Pentium computers.


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