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Associació Mineralògica d’Interès Científic i Social
Asociación sin ánimo de lucro destinada a promover el estudio, divulgación y el fomento de la mineralogía como ciencia.

BOCAMINA Revista de minerales y yacimientos de España
THE MOST COMPLETE WEB ABOUT FINE MINERALS FROM SPAIN AND THEIR ENVIRONMENT: 300 Exceptional Mineral Images, 450 Selected Images From The Main Localites 130 Iberian Headframes Of Mining industry. Visit Them..... Completely Free!

Canadian Rockhound - Geological Magazine
Canadian Rockhound, Canada's free online earth science magazine for educators, beginners and hobbyists, since 1997.

Colored Stone
Colored Stone is a bimonthly,international trade magazine that covers all facets of the colored gemstone industry, including new sources for colored gemstones, mining and processing, retail sales, consumer buying trends, gem cutting and jewelry design...

Deposits Rock and Fossils Magazine
This magazine is a 32-page full Colour high quality magazine printed on glossy paper. The magazine contains fossils, news and events and fossil collecting locations around the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

European Journal of Mineralogy
European Journal of Mineralogy is published bimonthly,1 volume per year,which consists of 6 numbers with between 1100 and 1400 pages.EJM publishes strictly original papers reviewed by an international board of peers and currently carries no advertisement

Gold Net Australia Online
Featuring Australia's First Online Gold Magazine: Australian Gold For Sale.

Gruppo Mineralogico Lombardo: Rivista Mineralogica Italiana
Il Gruppo Mineralogico Lombardo è fondatore ed editore della Rivista Mineralogica Italiana, la più importante pubblicazione divulgativa di mineralogia esistente in Italia, diffusa e apprezzata a livello mondiale.


Kristalle.ch - Mineralien & Kristalle
Kristalle.ch: eine virtuelle Kristall und Mineraliensammlung. - A virtual crystal and minerals collection.

Lapidary Journal
The World's Favorite Gem, Bead and Jewelry Arts Magazine and Website!

Das große, deutschsprachige Magazin für Liebhaber und Sammlervon Mineralien und edlen Steinen. - Lapis Mineralien Magazin is the premier independent German language monthly magazine for collectors and aficionados of minerals and gems.

Le Règne Minéral
Revue Française de Minéralogie.

Willkommen bei MINERALIEN-Welt. Das Mineralien-Magazin für Sammler, Händler, Museums-Fachleute.

Mineralogical Record
You have made a connection with people who love minerals as much as you do, whether you are a mineral museum curator, a mineral dealer, a professional mineralogist, or "just" an enthusiastic collector. In other words, you've come to the right place!

MINÉRAUX & FOSSILES - Le guide du collectionneur
Minéraux & Fossiles est la plus ancienne revue mensuelle s'adressant aux collectionneurs,amateurs et à tous ceux qui souhaitent se tenir informés des principaux événements dans le domaine des sciences de la Terre (nouveaux minéraux,découvertes de fossil

Samples exctracts from ORYKTOLOGIKA NEA-NEWS ON MINERALS: Excerpts from Vol. 15 , September-October 2000 issue, Excerpts from Vol. 15 , November-December 2000 issue, Excerpts from Vol. 16 , March-April 2001 issue.

Rocks & Minerals
Spectacular color photographs appear throughout each issue. Rocks & Minerals works with the Mineralogical Society of America to promote cooperation between collectors and professional mineralogists.

NORDISK MAGASIN FOR POPULÆRGEOLOGI. STEIN er bladet for alle oss som har stein som hobby. Her kan vi lese interessante artikler om spennende mineraler og forekomster, messerapporter fra inn- og utland, portrettintervjuer, debattutspill, ...

Step By Step Beads
Is the latest in a series of how-to guides from the editors of Lapidary Journal. It will give you all the information you need to make attractive, inexpensive and creative bead jewelry for yourself using glass, modern clays, enamel and seed beads.

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