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Bernie's Lapidary Supply Company
International distributor of fine jewelry, silversmith tools, lapidary supplies and equipment. Fine Jewelry--Rocks--Minerals--Gemstones--Lapidary Equipment & Supplies Jewelry Repair--Silversmith Tools & Supplies.

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Outerwear, SAT Communications, GPS Navigation, Essentials, Earth Sciences, Field Cases, Cruiser Vests, Plotting & Drafting, Geology Dept., BackPacking, Promotional Products, Camp Equipment, Marking, Orienteering, Safety, Survey Supplies, Mapping...

GeoScience Books
GeoScience Books GeoScience Books - geology books geology-books geology-books.com historical geology physical geology economic geology environmental geology structural geology sedimentary geology igneous geology metamorphic geology ....

Four mineral books in one volume - A MINERAL PROSPECTOR'S PRIMER: ROCKPECKER®, GOLDPECKER, MINERAL RECOGNITIONS, CHEMICAL TESTING. Rockpecker® DOS Professional Prospector's DOS Mineral Identification runs on XT to 486, 95 & Pentium computers.

Libreria anticuaria Libros Madrid
Envian catálogo y atienden desideratas,tambien compran bibliotecas. Geología,mineralogía,bibliografía...

Mineral Webzine: Litterature
You also, present for free your books on this page, contact me to know the conditions. Note: Mineral Webzine does not sell books, if a book interests you, contact the author or the organization selling it. Certain books are available only in bookshop.

MINÉRAUX & FOSSILES - Le guide du collectionneur
Minéraux & Fossiles est la plus ancienne revue mensuelle s'adressant aux collectionneurs,amateurs et à tous ceux qui souhaitent se tenir informés des principaux événements dans le domaine des sciences de la Terre (nouveaux minéraux,découvertes de fossil

Mountain Press Publishing Company, Inc.
Roadside Geology series for people interested in how the earth works and Rockhounding for Rocks & Gems, Minerals & Fossils.

The Natural History Museum, London - Department of Mineralogy
Popular and reference books.

The Ore-Rock-On Rockhounding Bookstore
The largest, most complete selection of rockhounding books on the internet! Bookmark this page, you'll be using it frequently!

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