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Here is a new section where you may want to explore some books on the topic. Here is a list of rocks and minerals books divided in three arguments: General Mineralogy Books, Old Mineralogy Books, Regional Mineralogy Books.

The Ore-Rock-On Rockhounding Bookstore
The largest, most complete selection of rockhounding books on the internet! Bookmark this page, you'll be using it frequently!

The Natural History Museum, London - Department of Mineralogy
Popular and reference books.

The Lifestyle Store: Books and Videos
We continue to expand our already extensive line of books and videos. Take a look at our index of Books & Videos.

The Alaska Recreational Gold Prospecting Site and Iron Fire Gold Publications
Alaska Gold Prospecting Books, Suction Dredging Information, USGS Electronic Color Topographic Maps (DRGs) on CDROM, and pictures of recreational mining activity from around Alaska.

SANCO Publishing
Our feature book, The F. John Barlow Mineral Collection is a one of a kind book. The F. John Barlow Mineral Collection has over 5,000 specimens, the No. 1 collection in the USA! With a list of contributing authors that covers the spectrum of Mineralogy

Polman Minerals: Fluorescent Mineral Books
Shown below are some books on fluorescent minerals. I know most of the authors personally, and they are all experts in the field. I highly recommend these books. Prices listed include shipping within the continental United States.

Pierre-Christian GUIOLLARD Auteur-Editeur-Conferencier
Pierre-Christian GUIOLLARD est photographe de métier. Passionné par l’or et la mine depuis plus de vingt cinq ans il s’est spécialisé dans l’histoire des techniques minières (charbonnages, mines d’or et mines d’uranium principalement).

Specialist in precious and fine gem stones. Writer of various books and author and director of several documentaries like "In Search of Precious Stones". Follow me to the fascinating adventure of the precious gem stones.

New Era Publications: Books & Videos
When it comes to learning how to mine for gold; from panning and sniping to running commercial dredges, these books and videos by Dave McCracken cannot be beat! They have the best information you can get.

Natural History Books - Nova Scotia Museum
Geological Background and Physiography of Nova Scotia, Geology Map of Nova Scotia (Revised edition), The Fossil Cliffs of Joggins, Upper Carboniferous Fossil Flora of Nova Scotia, ...

Mountain Press Publishing Company, Inc.
Roadside Geology series for people interested in how the earth works and Rockhounding for Rocks & Gems, Minerals & Fossils.

MINÉRAUX & FOSSILES - Le guide du collectionneur
Minéraux & Fossiles est la plus ancienne revue mensuelle s'adressant aux collectionneurs,amateurs et à tous ceux qui souhaitent se tenir informés des principaux événements dans le domaine des sciences de la Terre (nouveaux minéraux,découvertes de fossil

Mineral Webzine: Litterature
You also, present for free your books on this page, contact me to know the conditions. Note: Mineral Webzine does not sell books, if a book interests you, contact the author or the organization selling it. Certain books are available only in bookshop.

Mineral Collecting
Mineral Collecting: Collector's Guide, Mineralogy of Maine - v.1 Mineralogy of Maine - v.2, Photo Gallery, Fact Sheets, ...

Mineral Books Online
This website is dedicated to books that can enhance your understanding and enjoyment of minerals.I have gone through the entire inventory of books carried by Amazon.Com and placed titles online that I feel are some of the better volumes available.

MATRIX Publishing Inc.
MATRIX Publishing Inc. is a specialized publisher of books and a periodical relating exclusively to mineralogical history. The word matrix is one immediately recognized by people interested in the science or hobby of mineralogy.

Långban - The mines, their minerals, geology and explorers
A new book published by the Swedish Museum of Natural History and Raster Förlag.

Los Minerales de Bolivia y sus Parajes
El país minero tiene depósitos mundialmente famosos, que a la fecha continuan produciendo minerales de estaño en las minas de Huanuni, Llallagua y Chorolque; yacimientos de plata como Potosí, famoso desde ya casi 500 años ...

Libreria anticuaria Libros Madrid
Envian catálogo y atienden desideratas,tambien compran bibliotecas. Geología,mineralogía,bibliografía...

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