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The Russell Society: Worldwide Classic Fluorescent Minerals.
This fluorescent section of world wide classic specimens was created with a set of photographs submitted by Gavin Malcolm, Southern Branch. All minerals are part of his collection.

The Russell Society: UK Fluorescent Mineral Gallery.
This fluorescent section was created with a set of photographs submitted by Gavin Malcolm, Southern Branch. All minerals are part of his collection. Many of the British specimens have been collected on the Russell Society field trips in the UK.

The Fluorescent Mineral Society
The Fluorescent Mineral Society is an international organization of professional mineralogists, gemologists, amateur collectors, and others who study and collect fluorescent minerals. The society was founded in 1971 and incorporated in 1993.

Polman Minerals Fine Fluorescent Minerals Specimens
Polman Minerals has one of the largest selections of fluorescent minerals in the world. We are authorized dealers for ultraviolet lamps manufactured by UV Systems, UVP and Ultra-Lum.

PICTURES FROM Paul Bordovsky !
The pink fluorescing areas in the concretions are rhombohedral calcites. The orange/red areas are scalenohedral calcites. The green is chalcedony. The micrite matrix sometimes has a pale purplish fluorescence.

Mineraux Fluorescents - Fluorescents Minerals
Les minéraux que vous allez découvrir sur ces pages sont souvent xénomorphes et ternes en éclairage normal et peu d\'entre eux ont une cristallisation remarquable,néanmoins exposés sous une lampe ultraviolette ils dévoilent alors une féerie de couleurs..

Mark's Fluorescent Mineral Collection
The left column lists different mineral species. Each set of photos show how they appear under normal light and ultraviolet light.

Ken's Fluorescent Minerals
These are pictures of fluorescent minerals photographed under long wave (LW) or short wave (SW) ultraviolet light. Whether you are a mineral collector or just browsing, I hope you enjoy this site.

Franklin Mineral Museum
Official Website of the Franklin Mineral Museum: featuring amazing exhibits of the minerals of Franklin and Sterling Hill, New Jersey, as well as providing visitors on-site collecting.

Franklin and Sterling Hill minerals
The minerals of the Franklin-Sterling Hill mining district include more than 340 species. This Website focuses just on the minerals of the two unique Zn-Mn-Fe orebodies.

Fluorescent minerals from Greenland and the World
Tugtupite, Sodalite, Greenland minerals, fluorescent minerals, fluorescent rocks, Greenland tours, Greenland adventure tours, sodalite, hackmanite, tenebrescent, tugtupit, chkalovite, sorensenite, polylithionite, franklin, willemite

Fluorescent Minerals from China
Chinese Professional Fluorescent minerals Dealer & Collector in ShangHai, China

Fluorescent Mineral Museum at Wordcraft
Nine pages of incredible fluorescent minerals (some for sale, updated 1/15/04) from New Jersey, other states, & the World.

Fluorescent Mineral Gallery
Eric DeVroeg, who created this website, died in May, 2000. His family is keeping the site up so people can continue to enjoy his collection.

Fluorescent Case
Exhibit by Bob and Helen Patterson - Fluorescent Case - Central Texas Gem and Mineral Show

Fluorescent Museum
These pages show fluorescent minerals from our collection. Living in New Jersey, we chose to concentrate on fluorescents from our state. Most come from the Franklin and Sterling Hill Mines.

Database of all fluorescent (luminescent) minerals
Searchable database of all fluorescent (luminescent) minerals with spectrographic data and activators in english, french and dutch. You can search by name, color, spectra... 890 minerals and varuieties are repertoried.

Chris's Mineral Collecting Page: Photos of New Jersey Mineral Specimens
Fluorescent specimens and White-light specimens.

ChinaRuff Collection-Mr.Chen XiaoJun Chinese Minerals Collection
Chinese Crystal Minerals, Minerals hunting trip in China, Professional Minerals dealer and collector in ShangHai,China, Source for Exceptional minerals from China.

China minerals collecting by chenminerals.com
China Crystal minerals & Fluorescent Minerals collecting.

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