Finding Crinoids

Finding Crinoids

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Erfoud, Morocco

The Scyphocrinites Crinoids site, few miles from Erfoud (Morrocco), a strange feeling overwhelm you when you imagine that you are standing on what was once the bottom of a sea full of marine life, now it is all desert whith new inhabitants, lizards, snakes and many other desert creatures

deep pit
First step is to dig few meters deep pit

horizontal tunnel
then after finding Crinoids traces you dig a horizontal tunnel follong the traces

Inside the Tunnel

unprepared Crinoid
That´s how an unprepared Crinoid looks like

prepared Crinoid
That´s how it look like once prepared

Scyphocrinites used to live with their Lobolith floating and crinoids sinking down water

This is a Lobolith

More crinoids photos :

crinoids slab

crinoids museum specimen

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