'El Entredicho' mine - Almadenejos

'El Entredicho' mine - Almadenejos

Author: Federico Hernández Andrés
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Almadenejos = El Entredicho = Best worldwide cinnabar crystals

El Entredicho. Almadenejos.
Mina de El Entredicho. Almadenejos.
Federico Hernández. 02 -03- 2002

It was this equality that made us visit this famous locality in Ciudad Real (Spain). When we made the visit to the El Entredicho mine was inactive by this reason we acceded without no problem. to continue with the operation, sure it would bring, the appearance of new crystals of cinnabar, in addition to the impossibility to visit the mine freely.

Operated the workings already from Phoenicians and Romans, was continued by the Arabs, belonging later to the Corona. Later it goes to the hands of bankers, until at the moment comprising of the Spanish state through company MAYASA. S.A..

The deposit that occupies us, is located in the anticline of Almadén, the mineralization is related with an explosive type vulcanism being catched most of the mineral in its ascent in the quartzite deposit

Deposit quartzite stock with cinnabar
Deposit quartzite stock with cinnabar. El Entredicho. Almadenejos. Federico Hernández. 02-03-2002

The access is simple, from Almadenejos we continued by local 424 Puertollano direction, at two kilometers we have a deflection where it is the indicative poster of the mine. If we followed straigh on we are going to stop to the entrance closed with a chain, if we continued by the way that leaves to the right we found a picnic area. Following by that same way in ascending sense, we found a front door. After passing it, in two hundred meters we get to the superior zone of the cut, located in front the dam. A quartzite stock exists with abundance of massive cinnabar. Itching on those rocks, we observed the presence of small fissures in quartzites with micro crystals of dolomite and on these clear and perfect crystals of cinnabar were developed. We have detected the presence complex crystal til half centimeter. The abundance of cubical pyrite exists although with small and deteriorated crystals. We had the opportunity to find a skittle and when dividing we observed it one pocket conformed by the crystal presence of dolomite, cinnabar and black acicular crystals of approximately a millimeter of length. We ignored the mineral in question.

Crystals of cinnabar
Crystals of cinnabar of half centimeter of length darkened by its exhibition to the light of the sun.02-03-02
cinnabar pocket    cinnabar pocket

cinnabar pocket    cinnabar pocket
In these four photographies we observed the presence of the skittle, and the pocket that we detected in its interior. 02-03-02

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