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Caldes de Malavella
The populars 'Ninots d'opal' with its many and curious forms and with colours from white to light brown and blue are a variety of opal named Menilite

Opal (var. Menilite) 1aOpal (var. Menilite) 1bOpal (var. Menilite) 1cOpal (var. Menilite) 1dOpal (var. Menilite) 2a
Opal (var. Menilite) 2bOpal (var. Menilite) 3aOpal (var. Menilite) 3bOpal (var. Menilite) 3cOpal (var. Menilite) 4a
Opal (var. Menilite) 4bOpal (var. Menilite) 4cOpal (var. Menilite) 4dOpal (var. Menilite) 5aOpal (var. Menilite) 5b
Opal (var. Menilite) 5cOpal (var. Menilite) 6aOpal (var. Menilite) 6bOpal (var. Menilite) 6cOpal (var. Menilite) 7a
Opal (var. Menilite) 7bOpal (var. Menilite) 8aOpal (var. Menilite) 8bOpal (var. Menilite) 9aOpal (var. Menilite) 9b
Opal (var. Menilite) 9cOpal (var. Menilite) 10aOpal (var. Menilite) 10bOpal (var. Menilite) 10cOpal (var. Menilite) 10d
Opal (var. Menilite) 10eOpal (var. Menilite) 11aOpal (var. Menilite) 11bOpal (var. Menilite) 11cOpal (var. Menilite) 11d
Opal (var. Menilite) 12aOpal (var. Menilite) 12bOpal (var. Menilite) 12cOpal (var. Menilite) 13aOpal (var. Menilite) 14a
Opal (var. Menilite) 15aOpal (var. Menilite) 15bOpal (var. Menilite) 16aOpal (var. Menilite) 16bOpal (var. Menilite) 16c
Opal (var. Menilite) 17aOpal (var. Menilite) 17bOpal (var. Menilite) 17c Opal (var. Menilite) 17d 

   Joan Carol Carceller Official Photographer

    If you're a mineral someday he'll take you a good photo ;-)
    All photos in the own galleries of mineral
    and fossils are copyrighted.
    Unauthorized use or distribution of his photos is ilegal

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