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The mission of the A. E. Seaman Mineral Museum is to acquire, conserve, exhibit, enhance and interpret its collection of minerals and related historical and geologic objects of Michigan, North America and the world.

Amber World Museun - Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic
In this Museum you will find the historical and scientific data on the time of the creation of amber,the animals and vegetables of that era that were fossilized in the amber,and everything concerning the formation and the characteristics of this gem.

Artwork replicas | Oil painting reproductions
Museum Replicas offers Replica Art, Replica Paintings, Replica Statues, Replica Scultpures, and other Museum Replicas. We carry Ancient Greek statues, Marble sculptures, bronze statues, and other Fine art replicas.

Basin Range Volcanics Geolapidary Museum
Home of the Baker Egg Mine. Agate nodules and crystal geodes, the finest in rarity and quality in the world! The book, The Formation of Thundereggs, is finished on CDROM!!

Colburn Gem and Mineral Museum
The Colburn Gem & Mineral Museum's mission is to foster an appreciation of the Earth and its mineral resources through exhibits, educational programming, and the collection and care of specimens.

Fersman Mineralogical Museum - Russian Academy of Sciences - Moscow
Museum world wide collections include more then 135000 items.Among them natural crystals, geodes, druzes and other kinds of mineral treasures, Articles made of stones by jewelers 18 - 20 centuries, Gemstones, Meteorites, and much more.

Finnish Museum of Natural History
The collections, which include botanical, zoological, geological and paleontological specimens from all over the world, serve research in the fields of Biology and Geology as well as educational purposes.

Florence Natural History Museum
The pages of this Web include informations and images about routes of visit, important exhibits, research and ostension work and the history of the six sections that make up the Museum.

Franklin Mineral Museum
Official Website of the Franklin Mineral Museum: featuring amazing exhibits of the minerals of Franklin and Sterling Hill, New Jersey, as well as providing visitors on-site collecting.

GOLD-Museum Theuern - the one and only in Germany.
Under the direction of the geologist Dr. Markus Schade, who is well known both between experts and gold miners in Sibiria, Alaska, Canada and Central Europe, was built an exhibition introducing you into the mysterious world of a fascinating metal.

Helvetisches Goldmuseum im Schloss Burgdorf
Im Schloss Burgdorf gibt es ab Juni 2000 ein Helvetisches Goldmuseum. Werner Lüthi hat die Geschichte der Goldsuche in der Schweiz anhand von Bildern, Texten und Ausstellungsobjekten nachgezeichnet. Jährliche Sonderausstellungen.

Illinois State Museum
Over 200,000 specimens are curated in the geology collections, including 60 type and figured invertebrates, 6 fish types, and over 600 type and figured plant fossils. Also represented is a strong collection of Carboniferous fossils from the scientificall

Le Musée de la Mine de Cap Garonne
Le seul musée français du cuivre et des microminéraux On y découvre de quelle façon l'homme a utilisé le cuivre au fil des temps, la place que le cuivre a tenu dans notre vie quotidienne, comment cette place s'est modifiée avec les mutations ...

Mineral Museum at the New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology, Socorro, New Mexico
The mineral museum can trace its origins back to the very beginnings of the New Mexico School of Mines in 1889. The collection was assembled to help in the education of engineers and geologists.

Mineralien Sparrer Mining
Auf unseren Webseiten haben Sie die Möglichkeit sich über unser reichhaltiges und preiswertes Angebot in den Bereichen Mineralien, Schmuck und Esoterik als Groß- und Einzelhandelskunde zu informieren.

Mineralogical State Collection Munich Museum Kingdom of Crystals
Mineralogische Staatssammlung München Museum Reich der Kristalle - Collection Nationale de Minéralogie à Munich Musée Royaume des Cristaux

Mineralogical-Geological Museum University of Oslo
The exhibition-hall on the ground floor covers the fields of the geology of Norway and general geology.

Mineralogisches Museum der Philipps-Universität Marburg
EXKLUSIV IM MINERALOGISCHEN MUSEUM MARBURG: DAS DETONIERENDE METEOR von ALFRED WEGENER Nachdruck N.G.Elwert Verlag Marburg 2001 DM 24.-, Maximale Abgabe 3 Exemplare - Versand nicht möglich

Mineralogy and Petrology section of Museum Victoria - Melbourne - Australia
The Mineralogy and Petrology Section is responsible for the geological collections (excluding fossil material) of the State of Victoria. The collections were founded in 1854 with the establishment of the National Museum of Victoria.

Muntanya de Sal de Cardona
A Cardona, el recinte Mina Nieves va ser una de les explotacions de sals potàssiques més importants d'Europa fins a l'any 1990. Hom hi pot contemplar una meravella de la natura: La Muntanya de Sal, diapir situat a la Vall Salina.

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