Who am I?

My name is Carles Carol Pla, I was born and actually live in Sabadell (a town 20 km from Barcelona)

I'm collecting minerals since 1985; at almost the same time my grandfather bought me my first computer, an Amstrad CPC 464.

The confluence of this interest and the gift of the computer evolved naturally into my study of computer science. Now, I am Superior Computer Engineer (UAB - Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona) and have a Master in e-Business (La Salle, Barcelona).

From this explosive mixture nothing good could come... Obviously, the final result was MineralTown.com.

About MineralTown.com

I thought that someday a web site where one could easily find all kinds of information related to mineral collecting and minerals could be a possibility; a web site where people could discover and learn about mineralogy through reading interesting articles and viewing spectacular picture galleries. MineralTown.com is my dream realized. It exists to promote the hobbies of mineralogy and mineral colleting worldwide, for people of all ages.

So if you are a mineral collector, geologist or jeweler and you have an interesting article or content that you would like to share, send it and I'll publish on MineralTown.com. People around the world will read it.

Visit MineralTown.com
Visit MineralTown.com

About MineralTown.com Shop

As I've said, the purpose of MineralTown.com is promoting the hobbies of mineralogy and mineral collecting. To this end I would like it to remain a free access website. The MineralTown Shop exists as a way to generate some money that permits me to maintain MineralTown.com. If you would like to help me in this endevour, remember the site the next time you need a book about minerals and buy it through the MineralTown Shop.

If you yourself usually don't shop "online" you can also help by telling your friends and colleagues about the existence of MineralTown.com.

Visit MineralTown.com Shop
Visit MineralTown Shop


If you are a serious person interested in advertising on MineralTown.com or starting some kind of partnership, or if you simply want to give me your opinion about the site, just email me at the address below. (Please don’t send spam. I am called the "fast eraser" - so don't waste your and your pc computing time.)

Similarly, if you have a business or job offer I’d love to hear from you. As a computer engineer I have a broad knowledge in web site design and its implementation in different technologies such as: e-Business, e-commerce, and other IT related fields. I also have a solid base in personalized application programming, databases, intranet design, industry re-engineering, and artificial intelligence solutions. As the manager of MineralTown.com I have acquired real knowledge in corporate management and strategy.

email: mineraltown[AT]mineraltown.com

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