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Muntanya de Sal de Cardona
A Cardona, el recinte Mina Nieves va ser una de les explotacions de sals potàssiques més importants d'Europa fins a l'any 1990. Hom hi pot contemplar una meravella de la natura: La Muntanya de Sal, diapir situat a la Vall Salina.

New Zealand's Otago Goldfields
The Otago Goldfields Heritage Trail offers a year-round attraction for people to appreciate the golden heritage of the Otago region, in the South Island of New Zealand.

Opal Queen Mining Company - "Queen of the Virgin Valley"
The Opal Queen Mining Company provides vacationers and precious stone collectors the opportunity to dig for their own rare and valuable opals in the Virgin Valley of Northern Nevada.

Vous avez un jour rêvé de revivre l’épopée de nos ancêtres: Devenir CHERCHEUR D'OR, Ce rêve peut devenir réalité en quelques.

Original Sixteen to One Mine!
The oldest operating hard - rock gold mine in California, the Sixteen to One continues to entice and intrigue miners, geologists, goldseekers and investors.

Pacific Island Travel
As a specialised tour operator on the Pacific, we have included many products on our website like Mining around Broken Hill (Australia) and much more ...

Rio Doce Gem Mine
You and your family will be going on a Gem Mining Adventure with connections right to the actual gem mines of Rio Doce (Sweet River) Brazil as well as the famous Spruce Pine Mining District of North Carolina.

Russian Mineral Site ( mineralogist )
Only at Mineralogist´s you can purchase or exchange specimens of recently discovered minerals and mineral species which are found only in Russia. We arrange trips around Russia with the aim of getting minerals for our clients.

RUTA MINERA vol ser un sistema d’activitat econòmica i turística obert al futur i que ja és en part una realitat: El museu de les Mines de Cercs, El centre de Fumanya, Un centre d’activitats a la natura cap a Ensija,el Rasos,el Pedraforca i el Cadí.

Sweet Surrender Crystal Mine
Own your own crystal mine (how to become a starving miner), Digging crystal (where to, how to, what to), Cleaning crystal (tips, tricks and techniques) Buying crystal direct from the mine (points, clusters, metaphysical, unique & unusual).

The Caledonia Mine
Mine Tours, For information on private mine tours for individuals or groups, contact ...

The Gold Shop
We specialise in supplying a wide range of large and small natural gold nuggets, exotic gold specimens and gold crystals for collectors, investors and dealers.

The Phoenix Gold Mine
The Phoenix mine is operated by the oldest continuous gold mining family in Colorado; owned and operated by Al and Dave Mosch. It is a working gold mine where miners actually do the work.

Trotter Dump! Buckwheat Dump! Sterling Hill!
The Delaware Valley Earth Science Society (DVESS) and the North East Field Trip Alliance (NEFTA), in cooperation with the Franklin Mineral Museum and Sterling Hill Mining Museum, invite you to share an international collecting experience.

Undoria. The Reserve of Fossils! Volga Region, Russia.
Ammonites and many other invertebrates, vertebrates, pendants, cabochons and some minerals for sale (Jurassic and Cretaceous fossils, ichthyosaurs, pleosaurs, plesiosaurs and more from the Volga River Region, Russia).

Upper Peninsula Copper Mines, Mining, Ghost Towns and some History
Adventure Copper Mine and Campground, Guided Tour of the old Adventure Copper Mine. Rated as one of the finest attractions in the Upper Peninsula / Copper Country Road Trips: Enjoy Keweenaw History From The Comfort Of Your Car / History of Copper Mining

Wegner's Quartz Crystal Mines in Mount Ida
Wegner Crystal Mines is the premier wholesaler and retailer of quality quartz crystals and semi-precious stones in Mt. Ida, Ar. Offering special prices on phantom quartz and crystals of all descriptions, quality and sizes.

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