Scenic Stone

Scenic Stone

Author: Dutes Dutheil

Scenic stone is found on Haida Gwaii, also known as the Queen Charlotte Islands. The islands are A six-hour ferry ride from Prince Rupert, British Columbia. Six ferry crossings are made per week during the summer. The islands are the real gems in the Pacific; Perfect for the getaway you always wanted.

A unique type of rock, called scenic stone, can found on the main island near Tlell. When properly cut and polished, this stone reveals a naturally created landscape picture or scene (see photographs below). Geologists describe scenic stone as oxidation fronts in rhyolite rock. Scenic stone is extracted from the Masset Formation of the Tertiary period. It is mined, cut and polished by Dutes Dutheil, and it is sold exclusively at Crystal Cabin Gallery, in Tlell.

Queen Charlotte islands
Scenic stone is found on the Queen Charlotte Islands, near Tlell.

Tlell, scenic stone quarry
Scenic stone quarry, near Tlell.

Dutes has been mining this material for the last 10 years. Each piece is individually selected to bring out the best scene possible. The scenes are all highlighted by A white border, which enhances these images. The hardness of the stone is about 6 (Mohs), which makes it nice to work, carve and polish.

Scenic stone lapidary material
Scenic stone makes great lapidary material.

Scenic stone beautiful bands
This close-up view of scenic stone shows the beautiful bands,
which resemble scenery.

Scenic stone is a truly Canadian material, which hopefully will be shown and sold this year in Tucson, Arizona. Interested dealers are welcome to inquire. Metaphysically the material has been described as a stone, which is A portal to an ancient place when earth was still young.

Scenic stone can be turned into beautiful jewellery.

Travelers to our shop have they often remarked how the images remind them of Ayers Rock in Australia or of the buttes in Sedona, Arizona. The panoramic image of landscapes in sepia tones you have a calming effect ace you gaze into it.

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