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Mineralexpo Barcelona Sants 2018

Mineralexpo Barcelona Sants 2018

Mineralexpo Barcelona Sants is a exhibition-show of minerals, fossils and related to nature, where visitors can find cultural events, exhibitions , workshops, book presentations and , in turn, purchased either collectors items (fossil and mineral elements ) as gems and decorative elements made of minerals (necklaces, bracelets, cut natural stones ... ).

This event, organized by the Grup Mineraḷgic Català takes place in Cotxeres de Sants (calle de Sants, 79 - Barcelona) annually and during the first weekend of March. Admission is free.

Some stands of exhibitors

Some minerals from Barcelona-Sants 2018 Mineralexpo

Some fossils from Barcelona-Sants 2018 Mineralexpo

More photos of minerals, fossils, meteorits, jewels and other specimens from Barcelona-Sants

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